INDFW20 Volunteer Opportunities


Q. How do I apply to be a volunteer for Indiana Fashion Week?
A. First, review all the information on this page. Once you’ve done that, you can complete the
Volunteer Application. (Note: You will be required to upload a resume with your application.)

Q. Who can volunteer for Indiana Fashion Week?
A. All self-motivated, energetic people age 18 and over.

Q. What are dates of Indiana Fashion Week?
A. June 1​6 – 2​0, 20​20

Q. Where will Indiana Fashion Week take place?
A. All programming for Indiana Fashion Week 20​20 will take place in Indianapolis, IN.

Q. Am I required to have previous experience in fashion?
A. Nope! However, we will place you in areas that correlate with your skillset and/or previous experience.

Q. Will I be required to volunteer every day during Indiana Fashion Week?
A. You are NOT required to volunteer every day. However, we do request that each volunteer be available a minimum of 2 days.

Q. What time will I have to report each day?
A. Indiana Fashion Week consists of four (4) events that begin at varying times each day. Each volunteer will be asked to report at event venues no later than 2 hours prior to the scheduled event time.

Q. If I am accepted to be a volunteer, do my friends/family get free access to Indiana Fashion Week events?
A. As much as we’d love to have your friends and family present for fashion week events, at this time, we are not offering free admission to them. They are, however, encouraged to purchase tickets to the events of their choice.

Q. What areas offer volunteer opportunities?
A. Volunteer opportunities are available in the following areas: Production (Front of House), Backstage, Media (Photography/Videography), Hospitality, Box Office, Runners.

Q. Do you cover travel expenses and accommodations for volunteers?
A. We do not cover expenses for travel or accommodations​.

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