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He has the range for that! CP Porter of Komäfi, gave an expanded definition to "streetwear" with a diverse collection during #INDFW21.
It's a coming out party! Emily Gartner, who has typically identified as a bespoke textile artist, came out of the fashion designer closet during #INDFW21.
Dara Branson, designer of travel-inspired brand, Wear in the World, presented beautifully styled collection that was the perfect mixture of leisure and elegance.
Class is in session! Monty Matuka, founder of MELI and winner of the #INDFW21 Emerging Designer Competition presented a luxury streetwear collection that was a contemporary twist on the traditional school prep style.
“I feel like I keep coming back to like, elegant, like it is more casual and elegant. But yeah, I think I would go with elegant.”
“I want the woman to feel like she's, you know, she's strong in her beauty. And she can basically take on the world like it's like an armor that she's putting on..."
"I feel like it's a voice. It's a voice for a lot of different angles. It's a voice to express how you feel, and what you believe in."
“…that is my artistic expression. Like I paint, I’ve done other things, but working with fabric has always been my artistic expression.”
"I mean, the intent is to empower someone, it's also the intent is to be sustainable. So I use every method within my toolbox to be sustainable. But it really comes back to intention.”
“I mean, I’ve always felt like I've always been the black sheep, like in several different aspects of my life….I'm okay with that. Because I really believe in what I’m doing, and I love it.”