2021 Emerging Designers

Cahmelan Porter


Cahmelan “CP” Porter is the designer and “problem-solver” behind the Indianapolis-based streetwear brand, KOMÄFI. Starting out as a designer for apparel at Wabash College’s bookstore in 2012, he decided to turn his ideas and designs into his own, unique brand; what became the KOMÄFI. Its tagline, “inclusively exclusive,” communicates that whatever you buy from the brand is going to be individual and unique. Each item is hand-numbered, and KOMÄFI typically doesn’t make more than fifty of the same item.

Emily Gartner

Brand: Emily Gartner Designs

Emily Gartner is a bespoke textile artist. Exploring solutions for creating sustainable fashions. Fashion + Art + Intention 

Jessica Palmer

Brand: Jewel Fire Clothing

Jessica first discovered her drive to design underground fashion while taking various art classes at Fishers High School. Inspired by the idea of being able to transform a 2D drawing into a real life, 3D object, she pursued a Bachelor of Science Degree in Fashion Design at The Art Institute of Indianapolis. Jewel Fire Clothing aspires to provide a fresh perspective on alternative style by introducing themes of punk and anarchy paired with edgy silhouettes and embellishment.

Misty Dodson

Brand: Bond Girl No. 9

Bond Girl No. 9, is a contemporary brand that is stylish, comfortable and on trend. At Bond Girl No.9, we’re all about looking great and feeling flawless from head to toe. We’re here to help her put her best most amazing self forward.

Monty Matuka

Brand: MELI

Monty founded MELI, a sophisticated, streetwear clothing brand, as a way to promote equality and cross-cultural awareness. He aspires to provide an opportunity to amplify positivity and explore the unknown through our means. His purpose is to inspire those who wear MELI and articulate the concepts of confidence, community, and mindfulness.

Starry Richard

Brand: StarBone Designs

Starry Richard is based in Indianapolis. She started StarBone Designs with the desire to empower women by giving them unique garments with a classic silhouette and flirty flair.

Stacy Hogan

Brand: BBS Clothier

Stacy Hogan is the CEO & seamstress of BBS Clothier. The Wisconsin native’s mother taught her to sew at the age of 8. Her tenacity & passion for design continues to drive her to create, innovate and break barriers with fashion. The Plus Size design concept is the center of BBS Clothier. The motto, “Designed with you in Mind,” communicates Stacy’s unique ability to create plus size fashion that is visually appealing, on trend, and wearable.

Dara Branson

Brand: Wear in the World

Dara Branson is a fabric designer as well as fashion and travel enthusiast.  She has previously designed looks for the annual Purdue Fashion Show at Purdue University and for Memphis Fashion Week in Tennessee.