Making it IN Fashion Industry Day Conference

​2019 ​Conference Speakers

"From Indy to Industry: A ​Creative Journey"

Angela Brown

​Angela Brown

​International ​Opera Singer

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"​Our INdustry: Maximizing & Expanding in Indiana"

Anj Blanchard-Carte

​Anj Blanchard-Carter

​Stylist & Creative Director

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Meghan Smith

​Meghan Smith

​Indiana State Museum

​​More Abo​ut ​Meghan

Madison Hromadka

​​Madison Hromadka

​Fashion Arts Society

​​More Abo​ut ​Madison

Aicha Balde

Aicha Balde

​Tales & Turbans

​​More Abo​ut ​Aicha

Polina Osherov

​Polina Osherov

​PATTERN Magazine

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"This is Fashion!: The Evolution of the Industry"

Elliot Carlyle

​Elliot Carlyle

​Industry Consultant & Coach

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Sarah Chiwaya

​Sarah Chiwaya

​Fashion Blogger & Consultant

​​More Abo​ut ​Sarah

Chris Lavish

​Chris Lavish

​Fashion Week Online

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Channing Hargrove

Channing Hargrove


​​More Abo​ut ​Channing

​Style of Greatness Interview

Fern Mallis

​Fern Mallis

​Creator of New York Fashion Week

​​More Abo​ut ​Fern

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